What next after March 26th? Discussion on April 5th.

6.30pm, Conway Hall, (Holborn Tube)
John McDonnell MP,
UCU and Tower Hamlets Strikers

The march on Saturday was magnificent. We marched in our hundreds of thousands from every sector and part of the country. We were part of the biggest trade union demonstration in many year and we showed that we will not stand by and see our services and way of life attacked by the Tories, the Lib Dems and their millionaire friends.

There was huge applause for Mark Serwotka and Len McKlusky’s calls for co-ordinated strike action to beat the cuts. How can we make this a reality?

Right to Work is convening an open meeting introduced by john McDonnell MP to allow us to debate and discuss the way forward. He will be joined by strikers from Tower Hamlets, UCU and speakers from the floor from as many campaigns as possible. Come along and join the discussion.

Our own feeder march demonstrates the potential for future work together. Lewisham Right to Work supporters will be campaigning to bring delegations from all the groups and workplaces that supported the local assembly to the meeting. We also want to display our banners in the hall, get local groups to run stalls and plan contributions.

If you want to run a stall or notify the chair your group would like to contribute please email info@righttowork.org.uk


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