Sign the statement to suport the student protests

University of London Union and UCU London Region have called a demonstration on Thursday 9th December, the day Parliament debates the raising of the cap on tuition fees, to add support to the mass lobby of Parliament called by UCU and NUS.

The student movement has inspired all those who wish to defend education for all. If the Coalition government get away with raising tuition fees and cutting EMA it will deny access to Further and Higher Education making it the preserve of the very wealthy.

By taking to the streets in their tens of thousands, students have broken the idea that cuts are inevitable. They have exposed the government as weak and demonstrated that they can be stopped from wrecking people lives.

As student placards have stated: “We did not cause this crisis – why should we pay for it?”

We are calling upon the trades union movement and community organisations across London to come and join the students fighting for all of our futures.

Please email to add your name

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