Lewisham Street Meeting message was clear: “Blame the Government, Not Our Kids”


The mood in Lewisham town centre was clear.

Our government and the police have blighted the lives of young people and people in working class communities in Britain. They have taken away EMA, put up university tuition fees. The police use racist stop and search measures. Young people are treated with contempt in the media. No wonder people riot.

The Right to Work statement about the riots is available here



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Right to Work Statement On The Riots

Right to Work statement on the riots

Cameron’s cure for the ‘sick society’ is more oppressive powers for the police and more cuts.

The riots that have spread across the country need to be understood against the backdrop of racism, increasing poverty, inequality and restricted access to education.

Cameron says ‘It is clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society’ but has no understanding that his cuts agenda has created the tinderbox igniting in cities across Britain.

The government cuts to Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and increased tuition fees that sparked mass student protests last year are resulting in the further exclusion of young working class people.

Youth unemployment is at its highest ever levels. In London youth unemployment stands at 23 percent.

A generation of young people face either no work or at best low paid work, restricted access to education, alongside cuts to benefits and services.

As John McDonnell MP and Honorary Chair, Right to Work said, we are now
“Reaping what has been sown over three decades of creating a grotesquely unequal society, with alienated young copying the ethos of looting bankers.”

When young people have their hopes and futures ripped apart by government policies it should come as no surprise that frustration explodes into riots.

We were not alone in predicting this kind of social explosion – during the election campaign Nick Clegg predicted riots if the Tories were elected.

Government and bankers’ greed created both the economic crisis and the frustrations that have led to the riots.

It is also clear that there are many unanswered questions about the police killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham that began the riots. We now know he did not shoot at the police.

This comes after the police killings of Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes.

Calls for repression, water cannon, curfews and rubber bullets can only exacerbate the situation, increase volatility and further demonise and criminalise young people.

We call on everyone to support the TUC-backed protests at the Lib Dem and Tory conferences in the autumn and to step up the fight against the cuts, racism, poverty and inequality.

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Give Our Kids A Future

Download flyer as PDF here.

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March Aganist the Tories

Join us in marching against the Tories at their national conference in Manchester on 2nd October.

Last year 7,000 people joined the Right to Work initiated demonstration at the Tory conference in Birmingham. this year many more are expected.  The NUT are supporting the march, the North West TUC is supporting the demonstration and at UNISON conference delegates voted for a motion that called for the TUC to call a march at the Tory Conference. The day is set to be a huge demonstration of anger against this vicious government.

Transport will leave Lewisham Station at 7am on Sunday 2nd October. Tickets are £20 waged and £10 unwaged.

To book a ticket 07725073457 or email sheila.amrouche@yahoo.co.uk

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What next after March 26th? Discussion on April 5th.

6.30pm, Conway Hall, (Holborn Tube)
John McDonnell MP,
UCU and Tower Hamlets Strikers

The march on Saturday was magnificent. We marched in our hundreds of thousands from every sector and part of the country. We were part of the biggest trade union demonstration in many year and we showed that we will not stand by and see our services and way of life attacked by the Tories, the Lib Dems and their millionaire friends.

There was huge applause for Mark Serwotka and Len McKlusky’s calls for co-ordinated strike action to beat the cuts. How can we make this a reality?

Right to Work is convening an open meeting introduced by john McDonnell MP to allow us to debate and discuss the way forward. He will be joined by strikers from Tower Hamlets, UCU and speakers from the floor from as many campaigns as possible. Come along and join the discussion.

Our own feeder march demonstrates the potential for future work together. Lewisham Right to Work supporters will be campaigning to bring delegations from all the groups and workplaces that supported the local assembly to the meeting. We also want to display our banners in the hall, get local groups to run stalls and plan contributions.

If you want to run a stall or notify the chair your group would like to contribute please email info@righttowork.org.uk


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Lewisham pledges to march on March 26th

Lewisham Right to Work were out today to publicise the TUC demonstration against the cuts. The response from shoppers was fantastic. Here are just a few of the people who pledged to march with us.

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Saturday 19th March-Lewisham RTW leafleting for the TUC demo

Lewisham Right To Work would like to invite you to a day of leafleting for the ‘March for the Alternative’ TUC organised demonstration. http://righttowork.org.uk/2010/12/tuc-march-for-the-alternative/

Saturday 19th March

Meet 11AM at Lewisham Clock Tower

Bring banners, placards, whistles and anything from campaigns! Friends, family, children and pets all welcome!

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